Cite GHEtool

General citation

Whenever you work with GHEtool (in general), please reference this tool using the JOSS paper.

Peere, W., Blanke, T.(2022). GHEtool: An open-source tool for borefield sizing in Python. Journal of Open Source Software, 7(76), 4406,

Whenever you use a specific functionality within GHEtool, one can also reference a specific paper/article related to this functionality.

Hybrid sizing methodology (L2) | borefield quadrants

Whenever you use the hybrid sizing methodology (L2 in GHEtool) or make use of borefield quadrants, please use the citations below.

Peere, W., Picard, D., Cupeiro Figueroa, I., Boydens, W., and Helsen, L. (2021). Validated combined first and last year borefield sizing methodology. In Proceedings of International Building Simulation Conference 2021. Brugge (Belgium), 1-3 September 2021.

Peere, W. (2020). Methode voor economische optimalisatie van geothermische verwarmings- en koelsystemen. Master thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KU Leuven, Belgium.

Active-passive cooling example

Whenever you use the example of active-passive cooling, please use the citations below.

Coninx, M., De Nies, J., Hermans, L., Peere, W., Boydens, W., Helsen, L. (2024). Cost-efficient cooling of buildings by means of geothermal borefields with active and passive cooling. Applied Energy, 355, Art. No. 122261,