Script to create the GHEtool logger for the console and the text file

class GHEtool.logger.ghe_logger.CustomFormatter(fmt: str)

Bases: Formatter

Class to create a special console coloring of the messages


Format of the log message

format(record: LogRecord) str

Formats the record.

record: logging.LogRecord

record to be formatted


Formatted log message

GHEtool.logger.ghe_logger.addLoggingLevel(levelName, levelNum, methodName=None)

Comprehensively adds a new logging level to the logging module and the currently configured logging class.

levelName becomes an attribute of the logging module with the value levelNum. methodName becomes a convenience method for both logging itself and the class returned by logging.getLoggerClass() (usually just logging.Logger). If methodName is not specified, levelName.lower() is used.

To avoid accidental clobberings of existing attributes, this method will raise an AttributeError if the level name is already an attribute of the logging module or if the method name is already present