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Welcome on this ReadTheDocs for the open-source borefield sizing tool GHEtool.

Here one can find (extensive) documentation of GHEtool codebase. Please find below the content of this ReadTheDocs.

Graphical user interface

There are two graphical user interfaces available which are built using GHEtool: GHEtool Pro and GHEtool Community

GHEtool Pro

GHEtool Pro is the official and supported version of GHEtool which supports drilling companies, engineering firms, architects, government organizations in their geothermal design process. With GHEtool Pro they can minimize the environmental and societal impact while maximizing the cost-effective utilization of geothermal projects. Visit our website at https://ghetool.eu to learn more about the synergy between this open-source package and GHEtool Pro.

The user manual for GHEtool Pro, together with instructions for installation, you can find here.

Image of GHEtool Pro